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Historicon 2015 - summary

Historicon 2015  - summary

North America Announcement: Historicon 2015 was officially a success!

We knew we had a high bar set for us this year at Historicon, but we met and exceeded all of our expectations! The fans and the players were by far the most amazing part of the whole event! It was an honor to speak with all of you and the By Fire and Sword staff was electrified by the love of history, gaming, strategy and fun from the fans!

Thank you all again so much, to each and every one of you who came out to Historicon to spend time with us. We will definitely be at Historicon 2016 and will be releasing our US convention schedule soon!

We also want to send a special thanks to:

• Karl for his battle between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth vs Cossacks, demos at our booth and most of all for allowing
players to use his amazing personal collection to experience the game firsthand during our biggest Historicon tournament ever!

• Scott for preparing and hosting the Battle of Vienna, which was a huge success and a talk of the show!

• Jeff for demos during the event.

• A very special thanks to all of the players who took part in our annual Historicon tournament, whether brand new or a veteran to the game, we truly appreciate your participation!

We have uploaded pictures from Historicon to our website - you may see them here




By Fire and Sword Team





Special Figures' rules

Special Figures' rules

Today we would like to present you long time promised rules for Special Figures.

Special Figures are a bonus for "By Fire and Sword players". These figures cannot be bought, you may only receive them for participation in tournaments, competitions, our kickstarter campaigns and by promoting the game in other ways. Every Special Figure has its own rules. If you own a special figure you may use it at every official "By Fire and Sword" tournament. They are not game-breakers, those have been rather designed to add a little bit flavour to the battles


Deployment of a special figure does not increase the army’s FSP and it does not need to be included in the army list. At the Skirmish Level you may have one special figure and 2 for Division Level. The Figure may only be used painted and with a finished base (not necessarily like our “company” figures). Other miniatures can not be used as a proxy instead of Special Figures.

There are 5 Special Figures at this moment:

Peasant informer
Cossack Witch (please don't expect „serious” rules!)
Peasant guide

You can download their rules here:



By Fire and Sword Team
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New models of Swedish reiters!

New models of Swedish reiters!

We're currently working on refreshing our Swedish reiters range. Reiters from SWE-1 set are ready - you can see them at the picture below.

First, premiere sets will be available in our webstore very soon.

Do you like them?


By Fire and Sword Team


Snapphanar are coming!

Snapphanar are coming!

It seems you really like Danish army as we have received from you many questions about Snapphanar's availability.

We have decided then to release them immediately instead of waiting for next wave of releases.

Set contains 6 snapphanar models and model of poisoned well. It will be exclusively available in our online store.




By Fire and Sword Team


Army of the Kingdom of Denmark and Norway - new pdf to download


Army of the Kingdom of Denmark and Norway - new pdf to download

We proudly introduce new full-fledged army for "By Fire and Sword"- Kingdom of Denmark and Norway. So far you have chance only to try them a little bit playing Danish Skirmish in Scania in 1657, now - as we have promised - we can present you whole army.

It's the largest free pdf we have ever made. On the 33 pages you can find 3 Skirmishes and 4 Divisions as well as new regiments and units. We hope this supplement is worth waiting so long for publishing it and you'll like brave Danish who will be visiting your tables regularly.

Although this supplement is titled "army of Kingdom of Denmark and Norway", we focused only on troops from Denmark proper and its German provinces. In future we would like though to publish also troops from Norway.

File can be downloaded here




By Fire and Sword Team

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