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New sets in our online store!

New sets in our online store!

Today we have added new sets to our online store. All of them were previously available only for our Kickstarter campaign backers.



Full list of sets below:

BRA-5 Prussian Territorial Defense Podjazd
AKC-35 Brandenburgian Orders Counters Set Brandenburgia
AKC-32 Brandenburgian dice Brandenburgia
MOS-16 Boyars cavalry
BRA-2 Prussian reiters
SIE-16 Transylwanian mounted haiduks
BRA-3 Prussian dragoons

Direct link to new product in our online strore:


By Fire and Sword Team


Amazing village made by Jarek and Krassus

Amazing village made by Jarek and Krassus

This is really amazing! Below you can see a village diorama prepared by two famous Polish painters, players and bloggers: Jarek and Krassus.


Of course it's not a village prepared for "attack on a village/defend the village" scenarios - we would like to show them to give you an idea what can be achieved using buildings from our BFaS terrain range.

If you want to build something really great by yourselves - you can buy our lovely buildings in our webstore


please also visit Jarek's and Krassus' blogs


They are in Polish however we're sure it doesn't bother you admiring them

By Fire and Sword Team


Swedish Home Defense at the border of Halland and Scania in 1657

Swedish Home Defense at the border of Halland and Scania in 1657

We proudly present you new army list for Kingdom of Sweden - Swedish Home Defense at the border of Halland and Scania in 1657.

You can download it here

It should be something very interesting for Swedish generals as this list definitely differs from other Swedish lists - you shouldn't expect lot of elite veteran units here...

This supplement presents only a part of the Swedish territorial defense, namely the units fighting against the Danes at the Halland-Scanian border. In the future we intend to cover also the Swedish forces fighting against the Norwegians as well as the Finns defending from the Muscovite attack.

By Fire and Sword Team







Historical Skirmish Force contest results!

Historical Skirmish Force contest results!

It’s time to announce the winners of our competition: we decided to choose Juha ’Julfdi’ Heinänen and Samu ’Olofeus’ Somppi, who together wrote two historical skirmish groups – Swedish (or rather Finnish) and Muscovite from campaign in Karelia in 1656.



We liked what Juha and Samu wrote so much that, beside publishing their work as official BFaS material, we decided to prepare the surprise for them. They will receive basic levels of historical skirmish groups that they’ve prepared, to test the rules using their own BFaS miniatures. We will get in touch with Juha and Samu regarding their skirmish rules and to arrange delivery of the miniatures.

Once again many thanks to all that took part in this competition. If you would like to hear comments and feedback about historical skirmish you wrote, please write PM on our forum to Michał ‘Kadrinazi’ Paradowski.

Best regards,

By Fire and Sword team


By Fire and Sword tournaments

By Fire and Sword tournaments

We would like to remind you about few BFaS tournaments in the following months. You still have few weeks (at least) to send your entries.

1. First Swedish Masters (Lund, Sweden, 4th-5th of July) - it seems to be the biggest tournament in Sweden. 16 entries so far!


2. BFaS tournament at Historicon 2015 (18th July, Fredericksburg, VA, USA)


3. Derby Worlds By Fire and Sword Championship ( 3rd-4th of October, Castle Donnington International Exhibition Centre - Donnington Park, UK)


4. "By beer and pretzel" first tournament in Germany ( Hannover, 14th of November)


We hope we can add more tournaments to this list soon.

By Fire and Sword Team


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