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Special offer for KS backers in Wargamer online store

Special offer for KS backers in Wargamer online store

Dear backers!

The Kickstarter campaign is now over and we are no longer able to change Your pledge levels. However, as we are swamped by e-mails from those of You who are asking for the possibility to order additional products, we decided to help You out.

We've prepared a special functionality on our website, which will allow You to order additional sets in Kickstarter prices. Those will be separate orders; however, it will be possible to combine them with the Kickstarter rewards we will be sending to You to save on the shipping.

Here is step-by-step guideline on how to use the functionality of our webstore:

- Open our website in your browser: http://sklep.wargamer.pl

- Click on the British flag in the top of the page, left of the search tool
- Choose GBP as the preferred currency (left of the flags)
- Click on the "By Fire And Sword Kickstarter backers only!" category in our catalogue on the left side of the website
- Add whatever products You wish to the shopping basket and check-out, choosing the appropriate shipping opion (explained below) and Paypal as the form of payment. VERY IMPORTANT: Please add Your Kickstarter nick in the additional information field.

Also please note: Some items were available through Kickstarter at prices depending on Your pledge level. These products have an additional 'Option' field added in our webshop, which will allow You to apply any special discount You may have gained according to Your pledge group (Soldier, Officer or High Commander tiers).

One additional note: some old sets have information about metal bases. Few words of explanation: We have replaced metal bases with plastic ones last year, so most of sets should contain plastic bases. However if your box has been packed in early 2013 it contains metal bases. We will update descriptions of sets soon.

We would like to remind You that there is a possibility to split the shipping into multiple packs. We can ship whatever we have ready as the time you place your order and later, after other items are released - the next part. In this case we will ask You to pay for additional shipping. The fee will be a flat rate in Poland (3 pounds sterling) and EU (10 pounds sterling) per package. For the rest of the world please choose "Additional Kickstarter shipment" and wait for our staff o calculate the exact shipping and contact you with the possible options for you to choose - this may take up to 1 working day depending on your time zone. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but this is because we wan't you to receive your additional package at as cheap shipping costs as possible - whether you would like to order a single blister, or a whole division (or two :))!

If You decide to hold on and get everything in one parcel there is no additional shipping charge, as it has been already paid for during the KS campaign. In this case simply choose the "Please combine with my Kickstarter shipment" option during check-out.

By Fire and Sword Team



New member of "By Fire and Sword" Team

New member of "By Fire and Sword" Team

Kickstarter is over but for us it’s only beginning of extremely hard work. We have to write, sculpt, cast, paint and in the meantime answer for dozens of questions of out backers.

We definitely need more manpower to deliver everything on time, so we have decided invite Michal ”Glorfindel” Molenda to "By Fire and Sword" Team. Michal will be responsible for updating our website and our fanpage on facebook. It will allow Michal “Kadrinazi” Paradowski focus mainly on writing additional materials for our game. “Armies of By Fire and Sword” are waiting for him...

Glorfindel will also take care of tournaments i.e updating your rank on forum and giving you Ducats you can exchange for limited models from Ducats Catalogue (we will publish more information about it within few days).

You may also ask him (via pm on our forum) any question connected with Kickstarter. As our mailbox on Kickstarter is almost always full it may be good way to get your answer quick.

Michal, welcome aboard.

By Fire and Sword team


Johann von Sporck and his rules

Johann von Sporck and his rules

As we have promised we present you another historical commander uloncked during our Kickstarter campaign. This time it's Johann von Sporck who can lead into battle Holy Roman Empire division. He was veteran of Thirty Years War, great commander of cavalry, always leading from the front. It was said that while having no problems with leading 10 000 horsemen to battle he would not be able to command 300 musketeers. His division allows to field more armoured cuirassiers than standard HRE division.

Johann von Sporck rules

By Fire and Sword team

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1st UK By Fire & Sword Championship results

1st UK By Fire & Sword Championship results

During last weekend 12 players have been fought for a title of UK BF&S Champion. Tournament has been hosted by Stafford Games. Thanks to the courtesy of Roland Hynd from Stafford Games we can present you official results as well as and relation from this event.

"Well the 1st UK By Fire & Sword Championship has been and gone!

Everyone seems to have had a good time and hopefully learnt a lot!

Special thanks must go to Kim
[wife of Mike, one of the players attending Championship and - what is very important - Kim is also Ottoman Army general!]for providing us with a fantastic lunch both days and poor old Kuba [Jakub "Zarek" Zarecki from Wargamer Team] who was kept busy all weekend answering all of our many questions, it was noticeable that the number of questions decreased over the course of the weekend so we must have remembered some of what Kuba told us!

Twelve players gathered from as far a field Australia, Poland and even deepest darkest Portsmouth!


Two games were played each day with each game lasting three hours, the quickest game of the weekend was 48 minutes but many other games lasted the full three hours.

There was a wide range of armies represented with:

4 x Ottoman Turk
2 x Polish
2 x Swedish
1 x Cossack
1 x Muscovite
1 x Prussian

And the FSP varied from 7 right up to 15!

So here are the official results:

1st Steve Hymas, Ottoman Turks – 12FSP
2nd Michael Webb, Polish – 15FSP
3rd Piotr Stępniak, Tatar – 7FSP
4th= Alan Charlesworth, Ottoman Turk – 13FSP
4th= John Giles, Prussian – 8FSP
5th Neil Mancer de la Hay, Polish – 15FSP
6th Paul Brelsford, Muscovite – 8FSP
7th Gary Chapman, Ottoman Turk – 11FSP
8th Anders Johansson, Swedish – 12FSP
9th Rod Larkin, Cossacks – 15FSP
10th Bob Bate, Swedish – 9FSP
11th Phil Yates, Ottoman Turks – 10FSP

I will announce the date of the 2nd UK By Fire and Sword Championship as soon as possible, in the meantime get playing and spreading the word and hopefully some of you will join me in an expedition to Poland in March 2015!


We're extremely happy that By Fire and Sword has such an amazing community in UK. Congratulations for Roland and all players. We  hope we'll see more similar tournament in other countries soon.

By Fire and Sword team

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Georg von Derfflinger and his division (new pdf)

Georg von Derfflinger and his division (new pdf)

During our kickstarter campaing we have published several new pdf files with historical commanders and their divisions. Now it's time to share them not only with our backers but all players. Today we present you Georg von Derrflinger - very experienced and courageous cavalryman who played a major role in reform of Prussian army.

Link to Herr Georg rules

Please expect more files in the following day.

By Fire and Sword team



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