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New sets in our online store (July 2016)


New sets in our online store - JULY 2016

We have just added new sets to our online store


Old type mercenary infantry regiment




For each Old type mercenary infantry regiment ordered and paid by the 6th of July we'll add a special miniature of Colonel Michael Paradoffsky von Thorn. This special miniature can be used as officer in any Western-type army, also in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Muscovy

Polish-Hungarian infantry with muskets




Mounted Szekely handgunners



Polish volunteers and partisans commanders


Lithuanian volunteers and partisans commanders



Cossack and Tartar tents



"By Fire and Sword" Team


BY Fire and Sword at Historicon


By Fire and Sword at Historicon 2016

We would like to invite you to visit our booth and take part in two great events and tournament we have prepared for you together with our Supporter No. 1 Karl Erik Shanstrom.

By Fire and Sword Bring and Battle Event T-423
Thursday 6 PM 7/14/16

Bring your army and team up with other players in a large scale bring and battle event. The plan is to divide players into two warring sides and play a large multiplayer game of By Fire and Sword. All levels of players and collections are encouraged to attend. If you have a skirmish or a division bring them and play. Please have your army lists, FSP totals, recon totals calculated and ready to go prior to the event. Participation prizes will be provided. Also loaner armies available.

The Battle of Khotyn Event F-422
Friday 10AM 7/15/16

The Battle of Khotyn or Battle of Chocim took place in November 1673. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth forces under Hetman Jan Sobieski defeated the Ottoman Empire forces under Hussain Pasha. This battle and siege was important as it gave the PLC momentum in upcoming conflicts and the victory allowed Jan Sobieski to win the upcoming royal election and become the King of Poland. Rules used are By Fire and Sword and participation miniatures will be provided to players. This game is supported by Wargamer.pl maker of By Fire and Sword. The By Fire and Sword rules will be used as well as beautifully painted miniatures by the BFaS team. Beginners are welcome and rules taught.

By Fire and Sword Tournament, Saturday 12PM 7/16/16

Tournament will be played on Skirmish level. 3 battles, 2 hour each
We're waiting for you entries. Here you can find rulespack


By Fire and Sword Team


Movie from the Championships in Wilanów - 1st part

Movie from the Championships in Wilanów - 1st part

We would like to invite you for watching a first part of the movie from the "By Fire and Sword" Championships in Wilanów.

If you don't speak Polish, please remember to switch on subtitles.


By Fire and Sword Team


Polish cavalry regiment - coming soon

Polish cavalry regiment - coming soon

Cover art of the Polish Cavalry Regiment by Mr Marek Szyszko.

Set will contain 6 bases of cossack style cavalry, 3 bases of pancerni (new miniatures), 3 bases of cossack style cavalry with spears (new miniatures) and Colonel's base. Set will be released in July.


"By Fire and Sword" Team


New sets in our online store (June) - preorder


New sets in our online store - preorder

We have just added new sets to our online store.  Packages with preorders will be sent starting from 1st of June.


Here is a list of new sets

Muscovite Skirmish Force of Alexander Potiomkin in 1658




Imperial Infantry – 2 companies



Heroes of the Sienkiewicz's Trilogy



Azabs with firearms





We will publish pictures of paintes azbs in a few days.

Brandenburgian banners


"By Fire and Sword" Team


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