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We would like to show you how the units will be presented in the rulebook. Every description will include several elements: historical information on the given formation, unit characteristics and a description of deployment and equipment available for it. The descriptions will be illustrated with photographs of figures and reenactors as well as pictures.
So far you can see the Polish version.

By Fire and Sword team



We are very sorry...

After a long break we are back on-line. We were finally able to fix the technical problems and get the site running. The forum will be also back shortly.
We are very sorry.

Here are some most important updates:

Wallachian Cavalry

We have the Wallachian Cavalry. It will be available within the next few days as soon as we pack it. You can see the Wallachians on the photo below.

The Rulebook

We are working on the composition of the last part of the Polish version of the Rulebook – the army lists. The current state of works was presented at this year’s Grenadier convention.
Most of the gamers that visited our stand and had a look at what we are doing told us that it will be worth waiting. They liked it. And we like it too. Rafał and our graphics studio are working at full steam.

New figures

Visitors at Grenadier were able to see the coming figures:
Deli, Boyar Cavalry and Muscovite High Command. Moreover we presented a series of historical personalities that are still to be released.


By Fire and Sword team


Polish Wallachian Style Cavalry

Polish Wallachian Style  Cavalry are available in our online store. They will arrive in our other shops next week. We will begin sending figures tomorrow.


By Fire and Sword team



By Fire and Sword at Salute 2011

We are delighted to inform you that we have a new distributor of By Fire and Sword figures in the UK - North Star. This weekend North Star will present By Fire and Sword figures at Salute 2011 in London (Gripping Beast stand, TH05)

By Fire and Sword Team


Frontline report

We are receiving a lot of questions concerning the advancement of works on different aspects of the game so we decided to give you an update of the current situation on the front. Even though it might not be visible for you we are working very hard.

The Rulebook

2 out of 4 parts of the rulebook, that is the introduction and rules, are ready. A total of 113 pages. This part of material requires only small corrections. Another part of the material, namely scenarios, will be ready next week. The largest part of the rulebook, which in fact is the first supplement for the game, that is: “Poland in flames” is not ready. This part will include army lists and descriptions. It is about 200 pages and requires about 400 working hours of a graphics designer.

At the moment we are unable to specify when those works will be completed. The delays to deadlines are so big we do not even want to give an approximate date. We will specify the release date when the book will be at the printing house.

New Photographs for the Rulebook

We would also like to inform that photographs of weapons and military equipment from the 16th and 17th century, coming from a wide collection of one of By Fire and Sword fans, will appear in the rulebook. Thank you very much!


Below you can see a list of new sets that will appear in April:

- Manor house
- Ottoman Deli cavalry
- Wallachian cavalry of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Moreover we are constantly correcting and improving the existing sets of figures.

Other News

Within the following 2 weeks we will publish the following materials on our website:

- examples of regimental lists for all the armies
- new skirmish lists

Those materials will be in the form that you will see in the final version of the rulebook.

By Fire and Sword team


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