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New special miniature / By Fire and Sword supports Adam!


New special miniature / By Fire and Sword supports Adam!

As some of you might know, Adam – son of our friend and a well known blogger and modeller Yori, suffers from Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, an illness that delays intellectual and mobility development. Adam takes medications that allow him to develop in a normal way but are very expensive – monthly cost of about PLN 700(EUR 175).

We, the publisher of "By Fire and Sword" and the community, wish to support Adam.

We decided to introduce a special figure and to donate the total profit from its sale for Adam's treatment. The action will last by the 1st of April and during the Wilanów Championships we'll pass all money to Adam & Yori.

The figure will picture sir Łukasz Biczyński, hetman's standard bearer (in reality Łukasz is a friend of the team and the owner of the largest BFAS figures collection in the world). Initially only several figures were to be prepared as a gift for Łukasz's 40th birthday, but in our – and not only – opinion it is so good that we want everyone to be able to purchase it while serving a good cause. Łukasz of course gave his blessing to this noble undertaking.


Before you ask: the figure will NOT be available later in the Ducats Catalogue. If you order only this single miniature shipping is free however any of your discount doesn't apply. Of course you can combine it also with your regular order. Is ot also possible to pick up model during Championships in Wilanów and London Salute 2016.


We hope that you will like it and that every By Fire and Sword fan will have it in his collection.

Thank you in advance on behalf of Adam, Yori and our own.

"By Fire and Sword" Team


Main trophy for Championships in Wilanów

Main trophy for Championships in Wilanów

Below you can see a main trophy for Championships in Wilanów. We hope you like it!

"By Fire and Sword" Team


T-shirt for Championships in Wilanów

T-shirt for Championships in Wilanów

Special T-shirt designed for 4th International "By Fire and Sword" Championships in Wilanów.

Championships will be really international: so far we have players from USA, UK, The Netherlands, Finland, Germany and of course Poland.


"By Fire and Sword" Team















Rules of the Painting Contest held at the 4th International "By Fire and Sword Championships" in Wilanów. 2nd-3rd of April 2016

Rules of the Painting Contest held at the 4th International "By Fire and Sword Championships" in Wilanów. 2nd-3rd of April 2016

I. Admission

a) Every participant may enter only one work in each category
b) Participants may enter only their own works. Entering group works or on behalf of somebody else is not allowed.
c) Only fully painted works can be entered.
d) Only Wargamer figures can be entered.
e) Own sculpts and conversions of Wargamer figures can be entered.
f) There are 2 categories:

1) Command base

2) Unit:
- an infantry unit – 6 bases
- a cavalry unit – 2 or 3 bases
- dragoons - 2 bases on foot and 2 mounted bases

g) Only elements that after possible removal of a base/diorama can be a legal element of a By Fire and Sword game may be entered. It means that even if you prepare special diorama/base for models enetered categories 1 and 2 we will look at command base/units only ignoring rest of elements
h) The work is entered by leaving it during the event at Referee's table
i) After the contest the works can be collected at the end of Championship, after awards ceremony. 
j) The works are entered at your own risk.
k) Entering a work means the acceptance of the rules and statement that the applicant is the author of the entered work.
l) Wargamer reserves the right to photograph the works and to using the photographs of entered works while naming their author.

II. Disqualification of entries

a) Entering a work violating the rules will result in disqualification of all entries of the given participant.
b) Entering someone else’s work or a group work will result in disqualification of all entries of the given participant.
c) Disqualification can also take place after the contest results have been announced, if at a later date it turns out that the work was in violation of the rules.
d) The disqualified participant looses the right to the prize won by violation of the rules and agrees to return the prize.
e) Disqualification may result in change of places, prizes and awards granted.

III. Assessment of works

a) Audience award - every guest of Championships could vote for one work
b) Award in each category: The works will be judged by the jurors, who will check modeling and painting correctness, historical accuracy and especially the general impression made by the entry will be judged.
c) special award for the best work according historical correctness

c) The general impression will be judged by the audience in a voting throughout the whole event. Every participant will have only one vote to give (granting 1 point).
d) Historical assessment will be made by the jury in a 1 to 10 point scale.
ho will especially check it in terms of historical accuracy.

IV. Prizes


"By Fire and Sword" Team


Tournament in Jacksonville, FL 12/12/16

Tournament in Jacksonville, FL 12/12/16

We invite all fans of the 17th century battles to enjoy a mini tournament: "Spring battles on the border" – Borderlands 2016.

The tournament will be held March 12 at 1 PM at:

Comics and Games
10230-11 Atlantic Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32225

Terms of the tournament will be placed on the forum


Those interested in buying products from the our webstore www.byfireandsword.com will be able to pick up their ordered before the tournament and save on shipping cost.

We hope to see you there!

By Fire and Sword Team


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