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Sipahi of the Guard and hussars without lances are available in our webstore


Sipahi of the Guard and hussars without lances are available in our webstore

Sipahi of the guard and Winged hussars without lances have been just added to our online store.







By Fire and Sword Team


New sets in our online store (September 2017)

New sets in our online store (September 2017)

We have just added two new sets to our online store

SIE-10 Transylvanian household infantry


IMP-11 Armored cuirassiers with arquebuses



Those guys were previously available only in Piccolomini/Caprara cuirassier regiment and you have asked us many times to allow buy them in blisters, so here you are :)

Miniatures painted by Private Brush

By Fire and Sword Team


New sets in our online store (July 2017)

New releases in our webstore

We have just added new sets to our webstore:

SIE-8 Saxon/town infantry


TAT-9 Kappikuli


IMP-7 Imperial cuirassiers with arquebuses



all models have been painted by Mateusz Piasecki

By Fire and Sword Team


Plans for the few following months

Plans for the few following months

Recently we received many questions regarding our future plans. Below you can find rough plan of ‘what and when’ for next few months. We do not give exact dates, we will work as fast as possible.

1. Small rulebook – we’ve currently released English Beta version and we’re waiting for your comments. We want to include any interesting ideas into the Polish version as well. Price of this rulebook shouldn’t exceed …

2. Once we publish printed version of Small Rulebook, we will post online rules for all of our Skirmish box sets. Idea here is very simple – to lower the cost of the entry point for new Players. All you need to start then will be Skirmish box set, as both its stats and game rules will be available for free online.

3. Next step will be army books for each six factions from main rulebook. Each will receive its own book (but Cossacks and Tartars will probably be presented in one), again to make the entry point lower price-wise.

4. Then we would like to publish proper starter set: Poles vs. Turks. You will have their everything you need for your game: miniatures, terrains in 2D, cardboard tokens (orders, wounds), dice, measure tape.

5. New miniatures. By the end of this year, we will release: winged hussars without lances, Imperial cuirassiers with arquebus, armoured Imperial cuirassiers with arquebus (currently only available in Piccolomini regimental box), Tartar kapikullu, Transylvanian Saxon/Town infantry, Transylvanian Court infantry, Foot Szekely, Azabs with bows, Sipahi of the Guard. There will be also some new minis for existing sets, i.e. Cossack Commanders. We also have ideas for new formations, even armies (but that’s rather distinct future).

Below you can see Transylvanian household infantry sculpted by Kamil Milaniuk.

6. Battle Group/Taks Force Force level. Here idea is as follows: by the end of the summer Beta version will be available online. It will contain one scenario and one Force for each army, then we will ask you to test and comment. Printed full version is expected no earlier than at Christmas, most likely though it will be January-February 2018.

By Fire and Sword Team


Core rules for download for free!

Core rules for download for free!

Core rules online (and for free) :)

Many time you have asked us about rulebook in portable format and quite soon we'll be able to meet you demand.

Here you can find link to download of BETA version.


Before we print this book we would like to get feedback from you. Please have in mind it's BETA version If there is anything unclear please let us know by posting on our forum.


By the way of this release, we have decided to add necessary additions and clarifications of the rules of the game. These are still the same rules as in previous editions of rulebooks. But since their publication, along with a whole bunch of new players, at the same time their new questions and interpretations, we've decided to refine some of the entries and also fix some minor bugs or omissions. As a result, to make the reading easier for “old” players, we’ve introduced the "!" symbol on the margins of pages – meaning that you need to pay special attention to the rule as it is new, improved or changing an important element in the game

We hope the book will meet your expectations.

By Fire and Sword Team


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