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Croatian Light Cavalry

Croatian Light Cavalry

Today we celebrate Santa Claus Day in Poland so it's time for some presents.

We have for you brand new unit for Imperial army - Croatian Light Cavalry.

It can be used in two new Skirmish Forces (one of them is also a regiment), one new Task Force and one new Division, so in ALL games level :)

You can download rules below.


Miniatures has been sculpted by Kamil Milaniuk and painted by Michał Cios. You can preorder them from today, packages will be sent early next week.


If you think that Croats (and southern border of Holy Roman Empire) should get more of our attention please let us know in comments (or even better order Croats :)). Michał 'Kadrinazi Paradowski has two more Skirmish Forces, one more Task Force, two more Divisions, and another units (foot Croats) ready, but we're sure he can do much more :)

And if you want to ask.. yes - both Skirmish Forces and Task Force are available in the Army Creator :)

By Fire and Sword Team


Task Force Level rules


Task Force Level rules

As we have promised we have Task Force Level rules for you.

Please have in mind that it is Beta version of rules just to give you some preview what can you expect from the Task force rulebook which is scheduled for February/March 2018.

It will contain:

- much more Task Forces (at least 30-40)

- more scenarios

- more rules (for example Tactics you can buy before the battle same way as currently on Division level)

- obviously graphic will be improved (beta is only raw version)  We hope you'll like the rules. Feedback from the Polish players (and those of you who speak Polish or have Polish friends) is very good, but everything can be improved :)  We're looking forward for feedback from you as well.

Please read the rules carefully. There are differences between existing levels and Task Force level.  Even if name of the special rules is the same as on Skirmish level it may have different effect (like Swedish 'Small companies') ,

Many Thanks for Neil Mancer and Karl Erik Shanstrom for their help with English version.


By Fire and Sword Team


PDF for boxed Skirmish Forces

PDF for boxed Skirmish Forces

Some time ago we have promised you pdf with rules for the boxed Skirmish forces, so here you are :)


Our idea is to allow you easier start with By Fire and Sword.

With a free core rules and free rules of the Skirmish Force the only thing you need to buy is a box with Skirmish Force :)

Please look at two Skirmish Forces: Swedish Detachment and Transylvanian Combat Patrol. As we have received a lot of feedback from you those forces are not as good and "Cavalry" Swedish Skirmish and Transylvanian Pillaging Raid we have made decided to change them a little bit to bring the balance of the force ;)  We hope you'll like those changes.

By Fire and Sword Team


Sipahi of the Guard and hussars without lances are available in our webstore


Sipahi of the Guard and hussars without lances are available in our webstore

Sipahi of the guard and Winged hussars without lances have been just added to our online store.







By Fire and Sword Team


New sets in our online store (September 2017)

New sets in our online store (September 2017)

We have just added two new sets to our online store

SIE-10 Transylvanian household infantry


IMP-11 Armored cuirassiers with arquebuses



Those guys were previously available only in Piccolomini/Caprara cuirassier regiment and you have asked us many times to allow buy them in blisters, so here you are :)

Miniatures painted by Private Brush

By Fire and Sword Team


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