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For those who don't use facebook :)

For those who don't use Facebook :)

During last few weeks we have published some interesting materials (cover arts of regimental boxes and new scuplts of miniatures) on our Facebook proflle. Today we publish them together in one place.

We encourage you to "like" our profile or - if you don't have facebook account - just to visist our profile regulary (you don't need to be logged). We publish some news or nice pictures almost every day :)



Cover art from the Field Dragoon Regiment.

Cover art from the Cossack Tabor box set which will be available in a few weeks. Box will contain 8 Cossack wagons (4 with cannons) and base of Cossack camp-master, new kind of commander whose rules will be published in "Armies of the By Fire and Sword"

Author of both amazing illustrations is Tomasz Tworek.


Camp-master and one o his followers


New poses of Swedish dragoons


Polish highlanders (Górale) - they will have their Skirmish force in "Armies of the By Fire and Sword"


By Fire and Sword Team


Change of prices - 10th of November

Change of prices - 10th of November

As of November 10th, 2015, we'll change prices of some of our sets. Prices of sets named below will increase in most cases by 2 euro.

- sets with High Commands

- sets of elite calavry (for example hussars)

- Swedish national infantry, mercenary infantry and soldiers

- some of Skirmish sets and PLC Dragoon regiment

- Cossack moloitscy and Cossack rabble

- about 40% of terrain sets

We would like to point out that prices of all models in blisters (with two mentioned exceptions) remain the same.

"By Fire and Sword" Team


New sets in our online store (October)!


New sets in our online store!

Today we have added new long awaited products to our online store.


TER-35 "By Fire and Sword” gaming mat

AKC-43 „ By Fire and Sword” range finder

ACK-38 Brandenburgian casualty markers

FLAG-IMP Imperial banners

TER-42 Noble House 2

BRA-6 Brandenburgian light artillery


below is a link to our webstore




By Fire and Sword Team

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BFaS at "De slag om Grolle", Groenlo, The Netherlands

BFaS at "De slag om Grolle", Groenlo, The Netherlands

We would like to announce that from 23rd till 25th of October Wargamer team will participate in „De Slag om Grolle”, Groenlo, The Netherlands.

What is „De slag om Grolle”? It's the largest XVIIth century reenacting event in Europe to commemorate siege of Grolle in the 1627.


Konrad and Rafał as experienced reenactors, will participate in the event as combatants. We will also have our booth run by Witold and Konrad "Kadzik".

Our booth will be open from Friday 23rd till Sunday 25th.   Of course we will bring a lot miniatures and terrains and run some demo games during all 3 days.

See you at Groenlo!

By Fire and Sword Team


"New member of By Fire and Sword" team!

"New member of By Fire and Sword" team!

We are pleased to welcome Witold Janik in our "By Fire and Sword" team!

He’s a wargamer since 1989, former promotion, marketing and event specialist in Graal (a chain of Local Game Stores in Warsaw, Poland) and manager of Leonardo Games (production manager of “Letnisko” and “Nehemiah” boardgames). Co-developer of "1944: Race to the Rhine" (Phalanx Games). Witold studied history with concentration in warfare He is the author of several historical articles (e.g. about Tokugawa Ieyasu and the battle of Sekigahara in 1600).

His head is always full of new ideas. In his spare time he plays in the post-rock band Odyssey and enjoys biking and canoeing (unless he's playing a game or reading about past conflicts, at that moment).

We're very happy that Witold has joined our team. Surely, his experience will help us with developing "By Fire and Sword" further.

"By Fire and Sword" team


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