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“By Fire and Sword” UK National Championships results

“By Fire and Sword” UK National Championships results

During the last weekend at the Derby World Wargames 2015, players were fighting for the title of the “By Fire and Sword” UK National Champion.

There were 8 players attending, and after 5 bloody battles Neil Mancer became the UK National Champion.


Second prize went to Mick Rood and third to Maciej Walenczykowski who also received Best Painted Army Award. Alasdair Hughs received Best Sport Award.

Congratulations for all laureates and organizers!

By Fire and Sword Team


Wargamer is looking for graphic designer

Wargamer is looking for graphic designer

Wargamer is looking for graphic designer for long-term contract to work on graphic projects for board and miniature games
both historical and Sci-Fi/fantasy.

must be experienced in:

- concept arts of characters and equipment
- illustrations for games and books

This is a long term contract. At this moment we need at least 100 pictures.

Please apply by sending an e-mail including link to your portfolio to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


"By Fire and Sword" at Crisis 2015

"By Fire and Sword" at Crisis 2015

We would like to inform you that - as usual - we will be attending Crisis 2015 Wargaming Convention in Antwerp (November 7th, 2015).



Our booth will have number 11a01. It will be located almost directly opposite to the entrance 2, so you can find us easily :)

Of course we will have a lot of products from "By Fire and Sword" range plus few surprises - perfect reason to visit us!

If you want to be sure that we will have models you want to buy, please order them via our online store (wargamer.pl),mark "collect in person" option and enter "Crisis 2015" in remarks.

Looking forward seeing you!

By Fire and Sword Team


Regimentarz Olbracht

Regimentarz Olbracht

As some of you probably know, rank on our official forum doesn't depend on numbers of your posts but rather on how actively you participate in "By Fire and Sword" life.

Your rank can be changed by attending official tournaments, publishing interesting and high-quality materials (battle reports, articles), and by organizing tournaments or other "By Fire and Sword" events.

You start your adventure on the forum as "Camp follower", and finish as "Regimentarz" (it's a high rank commander in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth army).

We are thrilled to announce that on of the first players has reached Regimentarz rank. It's famous and well-liked Jacek "Olbracht" Niewęgłowski, veteran of dozens of tournaments (and winner of many). Its's worth mentioning that Jacek is not only great and fair player, but also a "helping hand" to beginners.

As we promised 3 years ago we decided to honor Jacek - as first Regimentarz ever - with something special.

Jacek will get special t-shirt with a portrait. Our artist,Tomasz Tworek, well-know to all, as an author of fantastic illustrations from "The Deluge" portrayed Jacek as 17th century nobleman.The portrait's similarity to its "original" is really amazing! We assure you that Jacek smiles sometimes during his battles.


Congratulations for our Regimentarz. We wish him more success.

All players who want to join our ranking on our forum, please send PM to user "Glorfindel". He will register you (it's not automatic). We'll also publish on our forum rules of achieving points and how to be promoted to higher ranks.

By Fire and Sword Team
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‘Armies of By Fire and Sword. Volume I’ approach!

‘Armies of By Fire and Sword. Volume I’ approach!

Our progress on the announced ‘Armies of By Fire and Sword’ is so advanced, that we decided to share with You the contents:

Royal City of Gdańsk – 2x Skirmish + 2x Divisions

Old (already available in Polish, some of them in English, all of them more or less modified) skirmish groups:

Gosiewski’s Foray (Lithuania)
Cossacks from Ovruch’s pulk
Muscovite Skirmish from Khovansky’s division in 1661
Haji Gerey Skirmish (for both Turks and Tartars)
Swedish Skirmish near Tykocin in 1656
Lithuanian Skirmish under Michał Obuchowicz in 1660
Karelia in 1656: Swedes and Muscovites

New skirmish groups:

Cossacks and Tartars Skirmish group -  August of 1651
Lipkas’ skirmish from fortress of Bar, 1672+ (both Turks and Tartars)
Foray of garrison of Słuck in 1660 (both Poles and Lithuanians)
Swedish (Finnish) Skirmish under general Horn in 1658
Muscovites under Alexander Potyomkin in 1658
Turkish garrison of Raszków in 1674
Polish-Transylvanian Skirmish in 1653 (only for Polish army)
3x Noble levy skirmish groups 1646-1660

Old divisions (all currently available in English):

- Tugay Bey (Tartars)
- Ivan Bohun in 1651 (Cossacks)
- Ivan Khovansky, 1660 (Muscovites)
- Robert Douglas in Courland, 1658-59 (Swedes)
- Cossack division from Autumn 1648
- Hussein Pasha at Khotin, 1672 (Turks)
- Jan Sobieski at Podhajce ,1667 (Poles)
- prince Bogusław Radziwiłł (Poles and Brandenburg)

New divisions:

- Lithuanians of Pawel Jan Sapieha at Podole, Autumn 1655
- Muscovites of Semen Urusov, Autumn 1655
- Allied division at Ładyżyn – 18th of July 1672 (Cossacks, Tartars and Turks)
- Allied avant-garde at Brześć, 657 (Swedes, Brandenburg and Transylvanians)
- Swedes under Stenbock at Nowy Dwor, September 1655
- Cossacks under Anton Żdanowicz,Poland,1657
- Muscovite border defense 1648-1676


- Polish pułk of lanowa infantry from voivodship of Sandomierz in 1655
- Imperial cuirassier regiment of Caprara
- Cossack camp-master
- Turkish ‘czaus’ (sultan’s messenger)
- Polish  and Lithuanian volunteers and partisans’ commanders

Note: the table of contents is not final; it will definitely expand, not shrink. We show skirmishes and divisions being grouped as “old” and “new” to make it easier for you to spot the new ones. It will be presented in the book in slightly different manner.

You may notice that there are some currently available pdfs that are missing here: Danes, Swedes from border of Halland and Scania, ‘The Invincibles’, Czarniecki’s division and Piaseczyński’s regiment. The reason is very simple – they will be published as a part of  another book, which will focus on war in Denmark and Swedish Pomerania. Our reliable Michał ‘Kadrinazi’ Paradowski gathered plenty of materials and it’s already working on it. We want to assure you that it will be worth a wait, even if You don’t play brave Danes.

Anticipating the question – the release date of the publication has not been determined yet.
As of the release date for the “Armies of By Fire and Sword” – we aim for December 2015. For the first time in history of BFaS we would like to publish both Polish and English versions at the same time

By Fire and Sword Team

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