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Changes in BFaS - important info

We keep working on the development of your (and ours…) favourite game. We have new sets, PDF’s with new rules, we organize and support BFAS events etc. At the moment we are preparing major changes connected to the new sets and their packing. Those changes are the result of what we have been hearing from you – the Players, and from shops cooperating with us. Here is what you can expect in the near future:


1. Plastic figure bases


We are waiting for the first delivery of plastic figure bases. They will replace the metal bases used currently in all our sets. This exchange is due to economic reasons. In addition the plastic bases are thicker (about 1.8mm) and will be easier to use on the table. We know that many of you like our metal bases so they will still be on sale but as a separate product. The change will be made as we receive the first batches of plastic bases.

2. Changes in packing

We have been receiving information that our packing ideas could be better suited to the needs of the players. In other words you want us to pack the figures in a way that better suits the rules of the game. As a result we decided to change the way we pack figures. Those changes will mainly affect boxed sets. Here is a list of the coming changes:

- Boxed sets containing 2 banners/companies will be replaced with blisters holding 1 banner/company (3 bases). This concerns all types of cavalry apart from elite as the winged hussars, deli or silahdars.

- Reiter sets will be replaced with blisters holding single reiter company (2 bases). We will also introduce boxes with whole reiter regiments for Swedes, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Muscovy.

- Boxed dragoon sets with 2 companies will be withdrawn and replaced with dragoon regimental sets of 4 companies.

- Pike & shot infantry will be sold in large regimental boxes and blisters holding 2 companies.

- Cossack infantry, Janissaries and other types of infantry appearing in large tactical formations will be packed in regimental boxes or blisters holding usually 12 figures (the number may vary depending on formation).

- We will have more large regimental/boxed sets for all the nations if it’s justified with the rules of the game.

In the future we will do our best in order to make the packing of figures resemble the make-up of units presented in the rulebook.

We think that the above changes will make it easier for you to collect By Fire and Sword armies. This is especially important for those of you who only just start their adventure with our game.

The above changes will be introduced as the supply of already produced old boxes we have in stock runs out.

This process will be completed no earlier than mid 2014.

Alongside that change, we will introduce new layout of boxes. ‘Work in progress’ version for Commonealth’s dragoon regiment You can see below.


3. Single figures available at our online store

We will introduce the long awaited option to buy single By Fire and Sword figures at our online store. In other words you will be able to order units made-up from individually picked figures. At the moment we are working on a catalogue for such models.

4. By Fire and Sword Deluxe

We are working on a project that might be called “By Fire and Sword Deluxe”. It is the option that will make it possible to buy our figures painted and ready to play. The range will also include sets painted and ready to play terrain elements with quality close to what you might have seen at tournaments organized by us. Moreover we will introduce the possibility to order painted and ready to play figures. First sets will be available by the end of this year.


We’re looking forward to hear Your comments


By Fire and Sword team

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