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Principality of Transylvania


The army of prince György Rákóczi II is a noisy and undisciplined mix of many units. It includes formations armed with lances: from elite household cavalryto numerous Comitatus levy of nobility. Transylvanian Skirmish Forces are usually led by light cavalry armed mainly with bows and carbines. The quality of these units is very diverse, among them you will find light household cavalry, mercenary Kurtány cavalry from Moldavia and Wallachia as well as Székelys. There are many dragoon-style formations, foremost the valiant haiduks (also fightingas infantry), Székelys and proper dragoons consistingof foreign mercenaries. Infantry includes the always rebellious Seimeni, German musketeers, foot haiduks or the close combat oriented household infantry. Transylvanians can also count on their Cossack allies and even Polish mercenaries. Scarce artillery, low discipline level and poor command quality are the weak spots of this army. In battle the Transylvanians operate according to the rules written down by Gabor Haller – commander of castles in Nagyvárad and Jenő. They often employ ambushes and strive to occupy the high ground. Their regiments, called “seregs”, are smaller than their counterparts in other armies but Rákóczi’s officers can usually deploy more of them than the enemy. Transylvanians do not fare well in pitched battles but they mastered the “small war” and the use of the element of surprise.

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