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Historicon 2015 MAJOR announcements!

Historicon 2015 MAJOR announcements!

We have some MAJOR announcements for our visit to Historicon 2015, July 16 - 19 in Fredericksburg, Virginia! www.historicon.org



• Our official booth is located at Booth 211. We will run continuous demos of By Fire and Sword during the entire convention.

• We will have special offers and deals running at the booth for product and accessories

• New units and accessories, never before seen, will be available during this event at our booth!

EXCLUSIVE MINIATURE! Made specifically for Historicon 2015. It will be a special free gift add-on for purchases made at our official booth! This miniature is not available for regular purchase!


Model is called "Ataman Tomaszko" and - totally by accident ;)  - is quite similar to Tomek Tomczyński from our USA branch. You can see this gorgeous model below.

Schedule of events:

1. Friday - 11 AM: Konrad Sosinski, the creator of By Fire and Sword, and Karl Shanstrom, the owner of the largest By Fire and Sword collection in the USA, will be hosting a huge and spectacular divisional scale battle between the Polish Commonwealth and the Cossacks. You will have a unique opportunity to learn from the creator of the game himself! All are welcome to participate. All participants will get a special gift! (This replaces F-523 on Historicon Events list:http://bit.ly/1CkB5O9)

2. Friday - 6 PM: Scott Simoneau is hosting a Battle of Vienna demo! All are welcome to participate. All participants will get a special gift! (F-423 on Historicon Events list: http://bit.ly/1CkB5O9)

3. Saturday - 12 PM: We are having an official By Fire and Sword
tournament! You may bring your own army or borrow an official army from our BFAS team to participate! Players may enter up until the beginning of the tournament. (S-522 on the Historicon Events list: http://bit.ly/1CkB5O9)

See you at Historicon!

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