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Special Figures' rules

Special Figures' rules

Today we would like to present you long time promised rules for Special Figures.

Special Figures are a bonus for "By Fire and Sword players". These figures cannot be bought, you may only receive them for participation in tournaments, competitions, our kickstarter campaigns and by promoting the game in other ways. Every Special Figure has its own rules. If you own a special figure you may use it at every official "By Fire and Sword" tournament. They are not game-breakers, those have been rather designed to add a little bit flavour to the battles


Deployment of a special figure does not increase the army’s FSP and it does not need to be included in the army list. At the Skirmish Level you may have one special figure and 2 for Division Level. The Figure may only be used painted and with a finished base (not necessarily like our “company” figures). Other miniatures can not be used as a proxy instead of Special Figures.

There are 5 Special Figures at this moment:

Peasant informer
Cossack Witch (please don't expect „serious” rules!)
Peasant guide

You can download their rules here:



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