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News from By Fire and Sword Team


News from By Fire and Sword Team

1.New releases – during the next year you may expect a wave of new realeases every month (largely sets unlocked during our KS campaign, but not only those of course!). Next wave of releases will be announced at the end of August.

2.Of course we're also preparing brand news sets and refreshing old ones. Below you can see news models from SWE-4 set (reiters with arquebuses), they will replace current models within few weeks.

3.Changes in „By Fire and Sword” Team. Due to lot of other tasks Michał „Kadrinazi” Paradowski has decided he will no longer be moderator and administrator of our forum and will focus exclusively on writing new materials. All questions regarding BFaS forum should be addressed to Michal „Glorfindel” Molenda

4. Pola Chwały (Division level tournament, 26-27 of September at Niepołomice Castle near Kraków) - we will have more news (including rulespack) at the begining of the next week.

5. „Armies of By Fire and Sword” We have finished preparation materials for the first chapter of the AoBFaS. Materials have been sent already to Rafał (our graphic) and Maciek (our interpreter). Work on the next chapters is also quite advanced.

By Fire and Sword Team

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