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Regimentarz Olbracht

Regimentarz Olbracht

As some of you probably know, rank on our official forum doesn't depend on numbers of your posts but rather on how actively you participate in "By Fire and Sword" life.

Your rank can be changed by attending official tournaments, publishing interesting and high-quality materials (battle reports, articles), and by organizing tournaments or other "By Fire and Sword" events.

You start your adventure on the forum as "Camp follower", and finish as "Regimentarz" (it's a high rank commander in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth army).

We are thrilled to announce that on of the first players has reached Regimentarz rank. It's famous and well-liked Jacek "Olbracht" Niewęgłowski, veteran of dozens of tournaments (and winner of many). Its's worth mentioning that Jacek is not only great and fair player, but also a "helping hand" to beginners.

As we promised 3 years ago we decided to honor Jacek - as first Regimentarz ever - with something special.

Jacek will get special t-shirt with a portrait. Our artist,Tomasz Tworek, well-know to all, as an author of fantastic illustrations from "The Deluge" portrayed Jacek as 17th century nobleman.The portrait's similarity to its "original" is really amazing! We assure you that Jacek smiles sometimes during his battles.


Congratulations for our Regimentarz. We wish him more success.

All players who want to join our ranking on our forum, please send PM to user "Glorfindel". He will register you (it's not automatic). We'll also publish on our forum rules of achieving points and how to be promoted to higher ranks.

By Fire and Sword Team
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