UWAGA - przeglądarka ma wyłączoną obsługą JAVASCRIPT

Do prawidłowego działania strony, niezbędna jest włączona obsługa JAVASCRIPT w przeglądarce.

For those who don't use facebook :)

For those who don't use Facebook :)

During last few weeks we have published some interesting materials (cover arts of regimental boxes and new scuplts of miniatures) on our Facebook proflle. Today we publish them together in one place.

We encourage you to "like" our profile or - if you don't have facebook account - just to visist our profile regulary (you don't need to be logged). We publish some news or nice pictures almost every day :)



Cover art from the Field Dragoon Regiment.

Cover art from the Cossack Tabor box set which will be available in a few weeks. Box will contain 8 Cossack wagons (4 with cannons) and base of Cossack camp-master, new kind of commander whose rules will be published in "Armies of the By Fire and Sword"

Author of both amazing illustrations is Tomasz Tworek.


Camp-master and one o his followers


New poses of Swedish dragoons


Polish highlanders (Górale) - they will have their Skirmish force in "Armies of the By Fire and Sword"


By Fire and Sword Team

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