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"Prior Kordecky" special offer

"Prior Kordecky" special offer

Exactly 360 years ago, on November 18th, 1655, Swedes began the siege of the Jasna Gora monastery.

It is an important moment in the Polish history. The successful defense of the monastery became a starting point in the uprising against Swedish invaders. Entire country raised up against
the infidels daring to attack the Blessed Mother.

Although in reality the defense of the monastery was far from the drama and heroism described by Sienkiewicz in "The Deluge"; it was, without a doubt, a crucial moment during the Polish-Swedish war. Insignificant from a military point of view, the siege grew into a symbol, skillfully used by the court of John II Casimir, in the war with Swedes.

To commemorate this important in the Polish history event
each order over 40 Euro / $45 (excluding tax and shipping cost) placed through our webstores between November 18th and 25th will include a model of prior Kordecky, the spiritual leader of the defense of the monastery.

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