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Change of prices from the 30th of November

Change of prices from the 30th of November

Dear players,

Some time ago we informed you about the planned price increase of some BF&S sets. Today we have to do an update.

Already after our first annoucement we've been informed by our manufactures that the model production cost will increase. Taking into consideration that for the last few months the plastic bases and banners also got more expensive we have to change our plans and raise the prices of a far larger number of sets (including many blisters - in which case the price will be changed by 1 euro)

The prices will be changed on the 30th of November to give you more time to buy the miniatures you need on the old terms. Please bear in mind that we originally anounced that this will happen on the 10th of November, but suspended the increase because of the new situation we faced.

We really feel bad and are very sorry for all of this as we've spent quite a lot of time brainstorming on how to make the original price increase as little distressing for you as possible, but due to the unexpected events our original plans have gone with the wind...
Unfortunately, we are forced to do it to keep the proper discount level for our distributors. Otherwise, we would be forced to drastically cut them, which, in our opinion would be a huge step back for our game. We would quite likely return to the time when BFaS was available only in Wargamer's stores. This is absolutely unacceptable for us, as we want to have our game in all good hobby stores and continue to develop fantastic new sets and expansions for you to get.

As a form of compensation we are preparing some nice offers for you. We'll announce them on the 1st of December.

Thanks for your understanding!

"By Fire and Sword" team

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