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"By Fire and Sword" Christmas Calendar - Day 3.

"By Fire and Sword" Christmas Calendar - Day 3.

Today we have something special for those of you who want to start playing.

If you buy Rulebook and any Skirmish set you may get one blister (chosen by you) just for 1 euro/ 1$, so can easily expand your starting force and add a new tactical possibilites.

It could be also helpful if you want to encourage your friends to play BFaS. Just a perfect reason to start ;)

The rules are very simple:

1. Special offers are available only through our online stores
http://byfireandsword.com/ (for USA and Canada)

2. Only sets which are currently available can be taken as a part of offer
- Sets marked as "exists" in our European store
- Sets marked as "add to cart" in our American store
3. To make use of the special offer please enter "CALENDAR 02" in the remarks field when placing your order.
4. Special offers can't be combined (if we have two or more on the same day).

Offer valid till 23:59

"By Fire and Sword" Team

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