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"By Fire and Sword" Christmas Calendar - 16-17.12

"By Fire and Sword" Christmas Calendar - 16-17.12

Buy 6 sets and get the cheapest one for 1euro / 1$

Of course it doesn't have to be box, by "se"t we mean any product from "By Fire and Sword" range!

1. Special offers are available only through our online stores:
http://sklep.wargamer.pl/category/en/by-fire-and-sword (worldwide except USA and Canada)
http://byfireandsword.com/ (for USA and Canada)
2. Only sets which are currently available can be taken as a part of offer
- Sets marked as "exists" in our European store
- Sets marked as "add to cart" in our American store
3. To make use of the special offer please enter "CALENDAR 16" in the remarks field when placing your order.

"By Fire and Sword" Team

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