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"By Fire and Sword" Dice Bags!

"By Fire and Sword" Dice Bags!

Today we would like to present you something special for all “By Fire and Sword” fans.

There are hand-made, excellent quality dice bags made by BristleBag company. Those bags are branded with “By Fire and Sword” logo as well as crest of one of the 9 main faction from our game (without Denmark, Courland and Gdansk – those nations don't have dedicated dice sets).

All of the bags have addiitional 4 small poctkets inside to let you keep order markers as well as dice.

You can buy them in two versions

a) As a set with matching dice and order markers. Price is 50 euro (you save 10%)


b) as stand-alone product. There is also possibility to buy “generic” dice bag with charging winged hussars from the cover of main rulebook. Price is 25 euro.


Please choose carefully nation from the menu just below the price.

As dice bags are hand made and ordere on demand we'll have only 3 of each however – if there will be demand from your side – we'll do our best to have them in our regular offer.

Preorder lasts by the 18th of April and we'll start sending bags from the 4th of May.

“By Fire and Sword” Team

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