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New sets in our online store!


New releases - PREORDER

We have just added new sets to our online store.

IMP-10 Piccolomini (Caprara) Imperial Cuirassier Regiment, the most famous cuirassier regiment in the Imperial army





MOS-15 Field dragoon company





this set allows you to add more companies to  your Field dragoon regiment



SIE-15 Transylvanian light artillery



AKC-36 Transylvanian casualty markes, the last missing casualty markers set





We'll start sending packages on 10th of May however we encourage you to place your orders as soon as it's possible, especially if you plan to buy Piccolomini (Caprara) Cuirassier regiment - we know there is very (and by "very" I really mean VERY) high demand for this set and we want to be sure that we'll prepare enough sets for first wave.

Preorder in our US store will be launched soon (as soon as our US Team will be back from the Recon wargaming convention).

"By Fire and Sword" Team

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