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Contest - historical commanders

Contest - historical commanders

We would like to announce new contest, this time for historical commander from period 1649-1676.

It can be part of any army from main rulebook and ‘The Deluge’ supplement but not of Denmark, Courland and Gdańsk (Danzig). Commander can replace ‘generic’ officer from any skirmish/regiment/division; he can also lead his own skirmish/regiment/division.

Rules of the contest:

1. Form as in the current historical commanders’ rules – historical introduction, Special Rules, sheet with Skirmish Force/regiment/division (if you decided to write new structure). Description written in Word format, Force sheet in Word or Excel. Language: Polish or English

2. Timescale of the completion – between 18th October and 18th November 2016.

3 Send .doc or .docx files to email address kadrinazi[at]gmail.com
Before you send your entry, please contact Kadrinazi (via PM on forum or on email above) to check if your chosen commander is not already done (currently we have approx. 20 historical commanders awaiting to be published).

The file should include the name of the author as well as – if the author is registered on our forum – the nickname. Participants can send any number of entries.

4. The works will be subjectively assessed by a jury of Michał Molenda and Michał ‘Kadrinazi’ Paradowski.

5. Entries chosen by a jury, will be published (in both Polish and English) as pdfs on BFaS website and also printed in one of the volumes of ‘Armies of By Fire and Sword’. Additionally, once we release miniature of chosen commander, author(s) of the winning entry (entries) will receive it as well. We will also consult with the authors design of the miniature itself.

6. We deserve rights to introduce changes to structure and description of the winning entries, of course after consultations with their authors.

By Fire and Sword team

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