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Preorder for "Danish Wars 1657-1660" expansion has just started!

Preorder for "Danish Wars 1657-1660" expansion has just started!


Here is a full list of new releases:

RUL-12 Danish Wars 1657-1660

DAN-2 Danish Skirmish set

DAN-4 Danish reiters

DAN-5 Danish infantry

AKC-44 Danish order markers

AKC-45 Danish dice

Danish wars 1657-1660 mug

SWE-5 Swedish national infantry regiment

For each order containing book placed by the 12th of April we'll add a miniature of Danish Ensign.



We have also prepared for you three bundles

First with all releases.

Second one will allow you to play new Danish Skirmish set in every possible configuration.

you may download rules of this Skirmish force here:


Third bundle contains "Warsaw 1656" and "Danish Wars 1657-1660" expansions.

By Fire and Sword Team

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