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Task Force Level rules


Task Force Level rules

As we have promised we have Task Force Level rules for you.

Please have in mind that it is Beta version of rules just to give you some preview what can you expect from the Task force rulebook which is scheduled for February/March 2018.

It will contain:

- much more Task Forces (at least 30-40)

- more scenarios

- more rules (for example Tactics you can buy before the battle same way as currently on Division level)

- obviously graphic will be improved (beta is only raw version)  We hope you'll like the rules. Feedback from the Polish players (and those of you who speak Polish or have Polish friends) is very good, but everything can be improved :)  We're looking forward for feedback from you as well.

Please read the rules carefully. There are differences between existing levels and Task Force level.  Even if name of the special rules is the same as on Skirmish level it may have different effect (like Swedish 'Small companies') ,

Many Thanks for Neil Mancer and Karl Erik Shanstrom for their help with English version.


By Fire and Sword Team

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