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Croatian Light Cavalry

Croatian Light Cavalry

Today we celebrate Santa Claus Day in Poland so it's time for some presents.

We have for you brand new unit for Imperial army - Croatian Light Cavalry.

It can be used in two new Skirmish Forces (one of them is also a regiment), one new Task Force and one new Division, so in ALL games level :)

You can download rules below.


Miniatures has been sculpted by Kamil Milaniuk and painted by Michał Cios. You can preorder them from today, packages will be sent early next week.


If you think that Croats (and southern border of Holy Roman Empire) should get more of our attention please let us know in comments (or even better order Croats :)). Michał 'Kadrinazi Paradowski has two more Skirmish Forces, one more Task Force, two more Divisions, and another units (foot Croats) ready, but we're sure he can do much more :)

And if you want to ask.. yes - both Skirmish Forces and Task Force are available in the Army Creator :)

By Fire and Sword Team

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