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Plastic horses

Plastic horses

As you have already seen plastic horses we have mentioned some time ago become reality. It's very important move in By Fire and Sword's development which allow us significantly increase our production capacities and in consequence introduce our game to much more stores.

We'll have 5 different types of horses (3 horses in each type). Some units will use only one type, some two or even three. We'll publish some guidelines when the date of the premiere is near,.

Two types are ready (you can see them at pictures) and their mass production is going at this moment. For next three types moulds are currently produced and they will be moved to mass production in a few weeks. We don't have premiere date set in stone yet, we'll do it as soon as all types are ready and delivered to our warehouse. We expect that it will happen in late March or late April.

Does it mean end of the metal horses? No. Winged hussars, deli and silahdars will still ride on metal ones. All metal horses will be also available as blisters. You also have a few months to reinforce your army if you want to have only metal horses in force.

What about riders and infantry? Will they also be plastic one? Not in the near future, however cannot rule out possibility that few (but only just a few) formations which will appear in 2-Player Starter Set will be moved to plastic. Obviously we do it only if we're 100% satisfied with quality. But it's just a plan for the future, horses first :)
By Fire and Sword Team
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