UWAGA - przeglądarka ma wyłączoną obsługą JAVASCRIPT

Do prawidłowego działania strony, niezbędna jest włączona obsługa JAVASCRIPT w przeglądarce.


We apologise for such a long time with no news but we had major technical problems. Our website was attacked by hackers and we still deal with the results of this attack...

New photos

Here are more photos of figures from boxed sets:

KOZ-6 Cossack Rabble

KOZ-2 Mounted Cossacks

OTT-3 Ottoman Command

With this all boxed sets finally have photos on our website.


We are working on the composition of the rulebook. Unfortunately it is very time consuming. Due to this the Christmas deadline, that appeared somewhere on the forum will not be kept. In order to cheer you up we will soon post a few sample pages that will allow you to have a “taste” of what’s coming.

New sets

At the moment we are focussing on producing as much existing figures sets as possible so that we will be able to supply By Fire and Sword to stores before Christmas. For this reason all new sets, despite being ready for casting, will have to wait.

By Fire and Sword team


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