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By Fire and Sword Rulebook preorder

We have just received confirmation from the printing company that there should be no problems with the book being ready as planned. So it is time to start preorders.

By Fire and Sword Rulebook (Polish version) is 400 colorful A4 pages, bound in hard-cover and printed on high-quality paper. We hope that this will allow you to use it intensively for a long time.

The Rulebook includes:

- Rules of play with a lot of graphs and examples.
- Painting and modeling guide.
- Scenarios for skirmishes and rules for playing large battles.
- Stories that will throw you into the midst of 17th century warfare.
- Many illustrations of leading Polish artists.
- Photographs of historical reenactment groups from all over the world.
- The first supplement to By Fire and Sword – “Poland in Flames: The Forces of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and its Neighbors in the period 1648 – 1676” including historical descriptions, unit stats and army lists of the following combatants: the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Kingdom of Sweden, the Zaporozhian Cossacks, the Ottoman Empire, the Crimean Khanate, the Muscovy.

Retail price of the Rulebook is PLN 159.

If you preorder the Rulebook you will receive it at PLN 149. In addition, to every preordered Rulebook, you will also receive a set of unique figures prepared especially for the game premiere – characters from the books of Henryk Sienkiewicz.

In order to get the unique figures set you need to make a prepayment to our bank account. You will receive detailed information with the confirmation of your order.

If you already have a Wargamer discount this will be calculated on the basis of the preorder price.

The game will premiere on Saturday, 26 November 2011 on Targi Książki Historycznej (Historical Book Fair) in Warsaw. The fair will take place in Arkady Kubickiego at the Royal Castle. The sale of the Rulebook will start exactly at noon. More information on the premier will follow.

We will start shipping the preordered books on Monday, 28 November (Patron Service courier). Of course you will also be able to claim your preordered book personally on 26 November at the premier during the Historical Book Fair.

The books will be available in stores after 28 November.

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By Fire nd Sword team

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