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By Fire and Sword Premiere


We would like to invite everyone to the By Fire and Sword premiere which will take place on Saturday, 26 November 2011, at the Targi Książki Historycznej (Historical Books Fair) in Warsaw. This year’s edition will take place at the Arkaday Kubickiego of the Royal Castle.


The sale of the Rulebook will begin at noon!!!


Everyone who buys the Rulebook on the premiere date - 26 November and on 27 November will receive from us a special limited figure of Onufry Zagłoba and a special discount for the purchase of other figures for the game.


You will also be able to collect the pre-ordered Rulebooks. The Rulebooks collected at the fair will be given along with Sienkiewicz Trilogy characters figures and the additional Onufry Zagłoba figure.


We will be at the fair already on 24 November. Due to many requests there will be a possibility to pre-order the Rulebook at a discount price at our stand on 24 and 25 November, and then collect it on the premiere day along with the special figures set.


You will also be able to see other games sold at Wargamer stores (e.g. Flames of War).


Our premiere programme will also include:

- learning to play,

- presentation of our latest figures and models (new buildings, Ottoman Deli, new Swedish armoured reiters and Muscovites),

- contests.


The premiere promotion will last until the end of the fair on Sunday, 27 November.


Come and see us!

By Fire nd Sword team


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