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New information on By Fire and Sword


New information on By Fire and Sword

New products:

We are preparing the following sets:

Muscovite Reiters


Muscovite High Command


Swedish Skirmish Force

There will also be a new set of banners - for the Muscovites as you
have probably guessed.

If everything goes according to plan they should hit the shelves by
the end of March.

Next you will see:

Petyhorcy Cavalry
Ottoman Skirmish Force
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Light Artillery
Swedish Light Artillery
Cossack Light Artillery

Beautiful metal orders markers for every faction will also supplement
our range. The markers are double-sided with an emblem of the faction
on one side and the order marking on the other.

These sets should arrive in April/May.



We will keep you informed so check our website and Facebook profile.

Problems with terrain elements

For some time now we are having problems with the production of resin
terrain elements for By Fire and Sword. Unfortunately, despite our
best efforts, we are unable to find a reliable producer for those
This results in constant delays in the delivery of orders concerning
this part of out range.
That's a real shame as we have 12 new sets ready including the long
awaited noble's manor and watermill.

By Fire and Sword Team

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