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By Fire and Sword in English



1. By Fire and Sword in English

The English version is approaching fast. The translation is coming to an end and intensive

proofreading is underway. Typesetting of the first two parts of the rulebook, Introduction and

Rules, already started. We are planning to publish the English in next year.

Soon we will show you a preview of the English version of the rulebook.

2. Upcoming Products:

The Ottoman Empire Skirmish Set

The Ottoman Empire Skirmish Force is a great set for the beginning of your adventure

with “By Fire and Sword”. The set includes a small skirmish force from European provinces –

one of the variants of an Ottoman Skirmish Force – that allows playing the game at Skirmish

Level. The set includes a Sanjakbey, a unit of Sipahi with lances; three units of Sipahi and

two units of light cavalry (Gonullu or Besli).



Polish Light Artillery



Cossack light artillery



Swedish light artillery



Petyhorcy – medium Lithuanian cavalry armed with half-lances or spears. They wore chain-mails, mail
coifs and hand-guards. It was a universal formation able both to conduct reconnaissance and flanking
operations as well as to make frontal charges in support of winged hussars.


Order markers for every army:


Polish Commonwealth - counters set



Crimean Khanate - counters set



Swedish Kingdom - counters set



Ottoman Empire - counters set



Moscow - counters set



Cossacks -counters set




3. Cossack Wagon-Train and Swedish Dragoons

After the Cossack wagon-train edition was sold out we decided to make some changes to it. This means an

addition of new sculpts of the wagons. The remade wagon-train will arrive at our store about the 15th September.

Swedish dragoons set was also remodeled. New, slightly modified dragoon figures will be sold in the following sets:

Swedish Dragoons
Swedish Dragoon Company
Swedish Skirmish Force

Those sets will be unavailable until the 15th of September.

4. The Cossack Skirmish Set

The Cossack Skirmish Set will be arriving with the next news:



5. Terrain


Thanks to the start up of the new foundry for out terrain elements, apart from restarting the production

of the old range, we will also be introducing some new sets. These include the long awaited

Noble’s Manor 1
Noble’s Manor 2
Chapel and Roadside Crosses


By Fire and Sword Team

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